Owner, Designer, Maker

I started Bewilderness in early 2017. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, I spent over a decade in the corporate world, working in search engine marketing and business analytics. Eventually I just had to do something different, and I’ve always loved puzzles. Really loved puzzles. I quit my job, bought a laser, a photo printer, lots of wood and started designing and cutting.

Starting my own business from scratch has been a tough but rewarding experience and I’ve met so many amazing puzzle enthusiasts and makers along the way. I want to bring even more puzzle joy to the world – this is just the beginning!


Photographer, Maker, Jack-of-All-Trades

I love my job! I’m working for an amazing boss/friend and I get to puzzle all day long! I’ve always loved photography and now I get to practice the bit I know while learning even more. I am an artist and some of my pieces are featured on the puzzles.