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Welcome, we’re glad you’re here!

Bewilderness is a jigsaw puzzle company founded by one crafty woman in the spring of 2017. I started making wooden puzzles in the spare room of my apartment in Seattle and I now have a workshop in Monroe, WA. In the fall of 2019, Ahnna came on board as our first permanent employee and has been a huge asset in helping us keep growing and making the best puzzles we can!

We aspire to make really fresh and interesting jigsaw puzzles for adults and teens. Our favorite puzzles to create are the really tough ones, but we have puzzles in a range of difficulties and with a wide variety of images so that everyone can experience something fun from Bewilderness. Check out our Etsy shop to see what we have!

The quality of workmanship is also something that’s very important to us. We work hard to make Bewilderness puzzles something you’ll be able to enjoy again and again over the years. Also, the weight of the pieces and the tactile sensations of putting together wood puzzles are things we’ve always found satisfying, and we hope you will too!

You can find our puzzles on Etsy and at regional art fairs, but we do wholesale and consignment as well. Drop me a line at whitney@bewilderness-puzzles.com if you’re interested in that! I’m happy to talk about custom images or puzzle sizes that will fit your needs.