Shop Dogs


Breed: Miniature Poodle
Human: Whitney
Main Roles: Lap Potato, Dish Prewasher

The original Bewilderness shopdog, Goomba's been there from the beginning, since the Shop was just a spare bedroom.

When Goomba found Whitney at around age 7, he had a lot of anxiety from unknown past trauma. Slowly, with much love and encouragement, he's improved by leaps and bounds. He doesn't always understand how to dog, but he has a good heart and a strong will.

At work, he's in Whitney's lap whenever possible, otherwise you'll find him stealing Harvey's food or barking at a delivery person.

Favorite toy: Food
Favorite food: All
Way to his heart: Food


Breed: Border Collie
Human: Whitney
Main Roles: Friend Maker, Hype Dog

Stump is a sweet and really energetic boy! He's never met a person or any other creature that he hasn't loved immediately. It's theoretically possible that someone has met him and not thought he was the absolute sweetest boy, but we've never seen it.

Stump is incredibly smart, loves to play, and is all around just full of beans.

Favorite toy: Ball
Favorite game: Ball
Motto: No take, only throw!


Breed: Korean Mystery Dog
Human: Ahnna
Main Roles: Watchdog/Doorbell, Sun Bum

Harvey Dent Colwell, AKA: Buddy, Booger, Fluffy Butt, Turkey, Harvis, Harvo

Favorite shop toy: Squished Squirrel, Pulled-apart Penguin, Tennis balls

Harvey is eight years old and was born in South Korea to unknown parents of unknown pedigrees. He was found in a box full of puppies in a Korean market by Ahnna and Chris Colwell one hot summer day while they were abroad teaching English. It was love at first sight and they ended up shipping him home to the U.S. when they returned. His name comes from his two-toned face and Ahnna’s love of all things Batman.

Harvey loves mountain hikes, beach hikes, field hikes, city hikes etc. He also loves playing fetch but after about three throws, he’d rather lay down and chew on the ball. His favorite games are chasing the kitty, ‘wrestling’, tug and being chased with the toy he just tugged away. Harvey is a bit of a grumpy old man, but is slowly learning to play with other dogs now that he lives in a house FULL of dogs. When being adorable enough to convince someone to play gets tiresome, he will usually be found splayed out in a sunny spot.


Breed: German Shepherd/Lab Mix
Human: Ahnna
Main Roles: Whining for attention, watering the carpet by tipping over the water bowels with her massive paws, knocking things over with her otter tail, being an adorable puppy.

Freya Ray Colwell, AKA: The Beast, Frey Ray Ray, Junk Yard Dog

Favorite shop toy: BONES! Anything she’s allowed to put in her giant puppy mouth.

Freya is still very much a puppy at almost six months! She’s big and awkward and always trying to get into something, but she’s CUTE!

Freya is very vocal like most German Shepherds and will let you know if she is unhappy, or bored, or hungry. She is the bane of Harvey’s existence  since he was ‘just fine thank you’ being an only dog! Freya however is determined to worm her way into his fuzzy heart one way or another and is actually very respectful of the small growly fluff ball. They will figure it out eventually.

Freya’s favorite pastimes include running, splashing and completely submerging her head in mud puddles (she is ALWAYS dirty!), playing full-out with Stump, her BEST friend(!), attempting to get Harvey to play with her, following Ahnna’s small human around, hoping for treats or snacks to drop and learning all the fun new cues she’s being taught on a ‘somewhat’ regular bases…because TREATS!!!


Breed: 1/2 Shih Tzu, 1/4 Pomeranian, 1/4 Chihuahua
Human: Nina
Main Roles: Docking Bay Observer, Dog-of-All-Trades

Winner of sharpest bork award 3 years in a row. Maker of the strangest sounds you've ever heard coming from a dog snoot.

Favorite toy: Whichever toy another dog is chewing on.

Loves to snug, but will growl if you get too close to his face. A lovable goof, Arthur steals ladies' hearts left and right.


Breed: Tiger Dog Mix
Human: Callie
Main Roles: Foot Warmer, Puzzle Durability Tester

Favorite spot: By your side or betwixt your feet.

Job: Quality assurance, personally licks clean each and every puzzle (Ed.: Just kidding. Wait, right, LD?)

Puzzles featured on: 1
Puzzles eaten: 1

Favorite song: Who let the dogs out