Displaying Your Puzzle

Our tips for gluing your Bewilderness puzzle for display and framing

We're asked pretty often how to glue Bewilderness puzzles together for display. Fortunately, it's easy-peasy!

Gluing a puzzle can be a fun and fairly easy crafting project, and a great way to preserve your puzzle. Drop us a line to let us know if you have any other methods to recommend and we'll share them here, but here's what we've found to work really well.

First, get yourself some Mod Podge! It's easy to find at craft stores or online. It comes in several different formulas, but we’ve just used the classic one, so that’s what we recommend. Then, we also recommend adhering your puzzle to something, like a piece of craft wood, cardboard, or something like that.

With the puzzle image-side-up, coat it with Mod Podge so that it gets in between all the cracks of the puzzle and to the board behind it. We use an inexpensive foam or bristle brush for this. Then, wipe the excess off the top of the puzzle with a soft cloth. Don’t go crazy with the wiping, it’ll dry clear.

Once your first coat is dry, we recommend another small coat to take care of any spots that you missed (where the Mod Podge didn’t quite make it in the cracks), and to secure it to the mounting board to make sure it stays put.

And there you have it! We have puzzles mounted to boards with this method that we’ve used as display pieces for years and they’re still going strong. If you’d like to add a frame, just make sure you have enough room to accommodate the thickness of the puzzle, which is 3/16”.