About Us

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Founder, Business Stuff Doer, Stress Ball Clutcher

I started Bewilderness in early 2017. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, I spent over a decade in the corporate world, working in search engine marketing and business analytics. Eventually I just had to do something different, and I’ve always loved puzzles. Really loved puzzles. I quit my job, bought a laser, a photo printer, lots of wood and started designing and cutting.

Starting my own business from scratch has been a tough but rewarding experience and I’ve met so many amazing puzzle enthusiasts and makers along the way. I want to bring even more puzzle joy to the world – this is just the beginning!

I spend most of my time working or thinking about working, but occasionally I do other stuff. I'm big into rowing and lifting weights, and I love to be active outdoors. I also do a lot of puzzles, naturally.


Photographer, Chief Puzzle Surgeon, Labelmaker Wielder

Hello! Welcome to my happy place. My dream came true the day Whitney asked me to work for her at Bewilderness! It’s been so exciting to watch and help this business grow. Recently we’ve moved into a new office/workshop and I’ve loved every minute of the organization, labeling and diagram creation it has offered me. Photographing the puzzles for our website, social media and other marketing has been a wonderful creative outlet. I get to work with three amazing friends and housemates who have made it possible to keep this business going through these weird and unsettled times. In other words, I love my job!

Outside of work I’m a wife to a wonderful husband and a mom to an almost three-year-old. Both keep me on my toes! I love hiking and spending time outdoors with my immediate and extended household family, painting (when I get the chance), taking walks with my wonderful dog/son Harvey and drinking boxed wine while shopping online.


Puzzle Stack Conqueror, Customer Appreciator

Before finding Bewilderness, I had only worked in retail and service industry positions. When Covid-19 began, my roommate (and now boss) Whitney asked if I could help out with the quarantine puzzle rush. I didn’t expect to enjoy the work as much as I do, and thankfully after helping out for only a short time Whitney offered me a permanent position on the team!

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work in such a fun environment with people who encourage me and appreciate the work that I do. Outside of work, I love to hike, dance, play games, and have fun as much as I can!


Festival Hawker, Creative Solution Engineer

Hi! I'm Callie, Whitney's sister! I'm so excited to be part of the Bewilderness family and witness the evolution of the company. I remember when Whitney bought her first saw to craft her first puzzle and how far she has come since!

I'm excited to help on the factory floor and am always wracking my brain for new (sometimes harebrained) innovations to make our lives easier and easier. Very jazzed to see my first puzzle debut soon which was so much fun to design!

My favorite part of the job, and what I started out doing here, is working the booth at fairs and cons. I love meeting all you fabulous puzzlers and have tremendous pride and enthusiasm for Whit's product.

Outside of the puzzle biz, you can find me on the ice rink working on my salchow.

All hail Orange Tentacle!!!