Our Most Difficult Puzzles

At Bewilderness, our biggest passion is creating challenging jigsaw puzzles for adults. Sure, we make a lot of different kinds of jigsaw puzzles, but at the core of it, we love to make harder and harder wooden puzzles for the most daring of solvers. On this page you'll find what we consider our most mind-bending puzzles at the moment.

Used to 1000+ piece jigsaws and wondering how puzzles with half that many pieces can be as difficult as what you're used to? Our unique puzzle cuts pack a challenging punch! With our geometric puzzles especially, you won't be able to start from the edges and work your way in: Because of the pieces' straight sides, you can't tell where the border is until you've made some significant progress. And with our tessellation cuts, your brain will be twisted all around as you try to figure out where to even begin.

Take a look around, and if you'd like help finding a puzzle that's just the right difficulty for you, check out our blog post on this topic or drop us a line at hello_octo@bewilderness-puzzles.com and we'd be happy to help.

Toughest Puzzles