Geometric Wooden Puzzles

Our signature rectangular geometric puzzle cut is a classic favorite of Bewilderness fans. With this cut pattern, there's no obvious border to begin with and different pieces may appear to fit together as you go, making your imagination work overdrive to find the single solution.

Our 50-piece geometric puzzles have chunky, big wood pieces that are a delight to handle and satisfying to put in place. Start with this size if you're looking for a puzzle that's on the easier side, but still offers a fun, fresh take on the classic jigsaw puzzle. A great gift for someone of unknown puzzling skill!

173-piece puzzles offer a jigsaw challenge that for many is not too hard, not too easy, but just right! This is a great size if you're looking to step up from our 50-piece puzzles but aren't looking to take on the difficulty of a 326-piece.

Our 326-piece geometric puzzles were created to offer a bigger challenge. Plus, they're a good size to do with a buddy or two! Take a look at this size if you're up for a challenge or if you need a gift for an intermediate to advanced puzzler.

Finally, new as of April 2022, we have an extra large and in charge 527-piece option! It’s 527 unique geometric pieces and, at 15.5”x22”, it’s about 1.5 times the size of our 326-piece puzzle. If you’ve done several of our geometric puzzles already and are craving an even bigger challenge, here it is!

For more insight from us on how to choose the right Bewilderness puzzle, check out our blog post: How Difficult Are Bewilderness Puzzles?

50-Piece Geometric Puzzles | Bewilderness

50-Piece Geometric Puzzles

173-Piece Geometric | Bewilderness

173-Piece Geometric

326-Piece Geometric | Bewilderness

326-Piece Geometric

527-Piece Geometric Puzzles | Bewilderness

527-Piece Geometric Puzzles