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Bewilderness is proud to partner with artists in the Pacific Northwest and beyond to bring you the most beautiful and challenging puzzle images for an unparalleled puzzling experience.  Explore our puzzle selection by artist below!

Ahnna Galena | Bewilderness

Ahnna Galena

Brooke Westlund | Bewilderness

Brooke Westlund

Caleb Fleisher | Bewilderness

Caleb Fleisher

Callie Bolton | Bewilderness

Callie Bolton

Deepti Agrawal Mittal | Bewilderness

Deepti Agrawal Mittal

Erin Darling | Bewilderness

Erin Darling

Floris van Breugel | Bewilderness

Floris van Breugel

Juli Adams | Bewilderness

Juli Adams

Kate Hentschel | Bewilderness

Kate Hentschel

Larry Roberts | Bewilderness

Larry Roberts

Laura McElfresh | Bewilderness

Laura McElfresh

Ryan 'Henry' Ward | Bewilderness

Ryan 'Henry' Ward

Sema Martin | Bewilderness

Sema Martin

Shandra Smith | Bewilderness

Shandra Smith

Stasia Burrington | Bewilderness

Stasia Burrington

Steve Gordon | Bewilderness

Steve Gordon

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