Ahnna Galena

Bewilderness's own Ahnna Galena Colwell is a creative genius!  Her artist's eye shines here in so many ways. You've probably seen her posts on social media, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ahnna is a fabulous painter and her creations make for fabulous puzzles.  Her Ravens are striking and the colorful backgrounds add difficulty to the puzzle, which are already a challenge given our signature cut patterns, which Ahnna also designs a lot of. This woman won't quit!

She has designed our Spiral puzzle line, both of our tessellation puzzles, a partner puzzle with two different piece sizes, and her latest creation, to much fanfare, are our COASTERS! The perfect gift for your wine or tea aficionado, with coasters representing more beverages still to come!

Outside the office, Ahnna loves to travel. She's been to so many places and we are thrilled to feature her photography on many of our puzzles. From the rainbow eucalyptus groves of the Philippines to the markets of Cambodia, the villages of Laos to the beaches of Santorini, or even just to the local aquarium, Ahnna's eye captures a lovely image which all make for excellent puzzles! We're just so lucky to have Ahnna here at Bewilderness and thrilled to share all her creative work with the world.