Latest Puzzle Releases - October 2021

We have so many new puzzles to share with you this fall! A brand new cut design, new coasters, seasonal puzzle sets, and more designs from your favorite Bewilderness artists! Read on for details.

Blue Wave - 416-Piece Tessellation PuzzleBlue Wave - 416-Piece Tessellation Puzzle, Closeup of pieces showing snowflake tessellation

First of all, we have a brand new tessellation cut style! The individual pieces have an abstract design but they group together into tessellating snowflakes! It's definitely tricky but really fun. Playtesting this design was bending our minds in a new way, and we liked it!

To start with, we're offering this 522-piece cut style with two images, Blue Wave and Poinsettias.

Speaking of tessellation, we have another tree puzzle for you! Forest Mist has been really popular since its release a few months ago, and we're hoping everyone likes this new image, Forest Blizzard, just as much! It's 550 gorgeous wooden tree pieces of fun and maybe just the right amount of frustration!

Coffee Puzzle Coasters - 51 Pieces Each, Set of FourBeer Puzzle Coasters - 52 Pieces Each, Set of FourWitch's Brew Puzzle Coasters - 45 Pieces Each, Set of Four

We've also been going a little nuts creating coasters. They're just so fun to make and play with at our desks, we can't help it.

Tea and wine not your favorite beverages? Well, check out our new releases: Coffee and beer! We even now have special coasters for your witchy concoctions, whatever they may be.

Fall Puzzle Set of Four - 140 Pieces Each, Classic PuzzlesHalloween Puzzle Set of Four- 140 Pieces Each, Classic Puzzles
Winter Puzzle Set of Four - 140 Pieces Each, Classic PuzzlesChristmas Puzzle Set of Four- 140 Pieces Each, Classic Puzzles

The changing of seasons has also inspired us to make a few seasonal collections. Each one contains four different small 140-piece classic jigsaw puzzles with a common theme, all at the price of three separate puzzles of this size. Split them up for gifts, keep them all for yourself, or even toss all the pieces together in one pile for an extra challenge! We did that with the Halloween set and, wow, that added some difficulty for sure.

Finally, we have some new puzzles from artists you know and love! From Henry, we have a sweet bear hug and a silly sunflowery sasquatch. From Laura McElfresh, we have a lovely puzzle for fall, Crimson Leaves. And from Shandra Smith, we have some cool new colorful puzzles, Sunflower and Perky.

Stay tuned for a few more releases in November! Happy puzzling, friends.

Jigsaw Puzzles: For Adults Especially

Whitney's partner Justin, a certified adult man, working on a puzzle by candlelight

Posted August 30th, 2021 by Whitney