Latest Puzzle Releases - March 2022

Here at Bewilderness, we're all rested up from the chaotic holiday season, enjoying the days getting longer, and looking forward to spring! But there's never really downtime in our workshop, so it's that time again: Read on to learn about our newest puzzles!

Bee whimsy pieces! Honeycomb tessellation! And even some honeycomb hex pieces that wish they were bees! Check out our newest tessellation puzzle in two different styles: Honey, I'm Home* and Busy Bees.

*Editor's note from Whitney: I suggested "Honey, I'm Comb" as the name for this one but that was just one pun too far for the team.

Up next, another new release we're really excited about, The Zest is Yet to Come. Assemble these fresh slices of citrus so we can get this sangria party started! We even gave you a border on this one, how nice of us!

Mini Heart Puzzle - 28 Piece Interlocking Hearts Plus FrameMini Tree Tessellation Puzzle - 16 piecesMini Tree Tessellation Puzzle - 16 pieces

We have a new mini heart puzzle as well! This one has 28 little hearts that fit inside a frame, all engraved with cute little sayings especially for puzzlers. We also still have our mini tree puzzle available and there's more to come in our mini collection!

And in case you missed these earlier winter releases, we wanted to show them to you here. Check out our Rainier puzzle, which features a classic cut style with whimsies highlighting the Pacific Northwest life. And don't miss Winter Boughs, which has tessellating abstract shapes plus some fun pine cone pieces!

Stay tuned for a few more releases this spring! Top puzzles on our to-do list: Another PNW-themed puzzle and a new BIGGER geometric puzzle!

Jigsaw Puzzles: For Adults Especially

Whitney's partner Justin, a certified adult man, working on a puzzle by candlelight

Posted August 30th, 2021 by Whitney