Latest Puzzle Releases - June 2021

We're trying something totally new, and it's been so much fun. These coasters are also delightful little 40-piece puzzles!

Each coaster has a raised edge so that the puzzle pieces will stay put. Plus, it helps keep any extra condensation that's not absorbed into the coaster contained. The pieces from each one can be mixed and matched, so you can combine pieces of different stains in the same coaster, or just stick with one solid color on each.

Wine wooden jigsaw puzzle coastersWine puzzle coasters in progress

We've also been busy with some new full-size puzzle designs this spring!

First up: Forest Mist. We're really excited about this one. Not only does it have the highest piece count of any puzzle we've made so far (550), it's also our first tessellation puzzle. We hope to keep exploring more tessellation patterns in the future, so if you've done this one, let us know what you think! Was it devilishly hard? We hope so!

Forest Mist 550-piece tessellation wooden jigsaw puzzleForest Mist 550-piece tessellation wooden jigsaw puzzleForest Mist 550-piece tessellation wooden jigsaw puzzle

Next, we have another new tessellation-style puzzle with new art from Laura McElfresh, Midsummer Iris. It has pretty, swirly, floral-inspired pieces plus an irregular border. We haven't done much with irregular borders in our puzzles yet, but they can be a really fun way to add an extra challenge!

Midsummer Iris 187-piece tessellation jigsaw puzzleMidsummer Iris 187-piece tessellation jigsaw puzzle

Finally, we have our Galactic Love Mug puzzles! Each one is 311 pieces with contrasting lettering in your choice of color. You'll find some silly whimsies mixed in that really give that galactic feel!

For now, we have Mom and Dad mug puzzles available, and we may add more variations in the future.

Greatest Mom in All the Galaxies 311-piece mug wood puzzleGreatest Dad in All the Galaxies 311-piece mug wood puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzles: For Adults Especially

Whitney's partner Justin, a certified adult man, working on a puzzle by candlelight

Posted August 30th, 2021 by Whitney

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