Celebrating the Life and Works of Larry Roberts

“Most of my images start from nothing other than raw emotion and gravity. As the liquids congeal and the layers build, the images begin to reveal themselves, still hiding in shadows or illuminated by color and light.  I chisel out the details or obliterate them with the edges of subject and suggestion.”

Artist Larry Roberts

Larry Roberts, who passed away in 2019, was a true master colorist using acrylic paint to evoke raw and visceral images, drawing deeply from the subconscious. Through his work Larry wanted the beholders of his work to “scratch their inner cortex, far past the initial glance, through subliminal dimensions slowly revealing themselves, each time and at every angle”. Larry enjoyed the challenge of creating unique works for different sized and shaped panels and so you’ll find that each of these five puzzles are all a little bit different in size.

For the past year, Bewilderness has been working with the Larry Roberts Chicago gallery and The Larry and Laurie Roberts Foundation for the Arts to bring you these five phenomenal puzzles with images by Larry Roberts.  The puzzles have been for sale through the gallery exclusively — until now! Bewilderness is thrilled to now offer this collection directly to you!

Presented in a classic jigsaw style cut, on our premium laser-cut hardwood of course, these 5 abstract pieces will capture your imagination and make excellent display pieces (see our display guide).

Puzzles from the Larry Roberts Collection are packaged differently than our other puzzles to highlight this unique partnership collection.  You’ll find the premium wooden jigsaw puzzle in an elegant dark organza bag in a black cardboard tube with the Larry Roberts logo featured prominently.

Jigsaw Puzzles: For Adults Especially

Whitney's partner Justin, a certified adult man, working on a puzzle by candlelight

Posted August 30th, 2021 by Whitney