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For the past year, Bewilderness has been working with the Larry Roberts Chicago gallery and The Larry and Laurie Roberts Foundation for the Arts to bring you these five phenomenal puzzles with images by Larry Roberts.  The puzzles have been for sale through the gallery exclusively — until now! Bewilderness is thrilled to now offer this collection directly to you!

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Here at Bewilderness, we're all rested up from the chaotic holiday season, enjoying the days getting longer, and looking forward to spring! But there's never really downtime in our workshop, so it's that time again: Read on to learn about our newest puzzles!

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We have so many new puzzles to share with you this fall! A brand new cut design, new coasters, seasonal puzzle sets, and more designs from your favorite Bewilderness artists! Read on for details.

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We're so excited to be back to in-person holiday markets this year! Here's our current lineup. Browse puzzles, test out samples, or just stop by and have a chat!
Some of these shows may require or encourage you to get tickets ahead of time, but all are FREE to attend.

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If you're used to classic-style jigsaw puzzles with 500, 1000, or even 2000+ pieces, you'll find that most Bewilderness puzzles tend to have a higher difficulty level per piece. Here's a handy guide to help you find the right puzzle to start with!

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