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Made with love in Washington State, USA

Mars puzzle closeupMount Rainier PNW Whimsy Puzzle, 511 Pieces - Close-UpMini Tree Stocking Stuffer Tessellation PuzzleBlue flower circular puzzle closeupJoyful geometric puzzle pieces

Welcome home, puzzlers!

At Bewilderness, we're passionate about puzzles. We make wooden jigsaw puzzles to confound and delight expert and beginner adult puzzlers alike. Our unique cut patterns are designed to put your spatial reasoning skills to the test and kick your imagination into overdrive. Plus, we've teamed up with a diverse group of talented artists to bring you unique and beautiful puzzles you can't find anywhere else.

Forest Mist: Tree tessellation puzzle close-upPoinsettia 522-Piece Tessellation Puzzle CloseupMilky way at night circular geometric puzzleWinter Boughs 160-Piece Tessellation and Whimsy PuzzleColor weave classic jigsaw puzzle

What makes a precision laser-cut wood puzzle special?

  • The fit and feel: The tactile sensation of handling wooden pieces, the softly clattering sound of sifting through the pieces in the box, and the tight fit of the pieces with each other is a delightful sensory experience.
  • Keepin' it fresh: Whatever creative and challenging patterns we can dream, we can cut into a puzzle. Laser technology allows us to continually test and refine our designs on the fly.
  • Pass it down: Wooden jigsaw puzzles are high quality and meant to last! You and your family can do them time and again for years to come.
Butterfly piece from Easter Joy spring whimsy puzzleBackward Glance geometric puzzleKitty Heaven geometric puzzleMidsummer Iris themed flower tessellation puzzleBear Love rainbow heart puzzle

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We ship all over the world! Bewilderness puzzles have found their way to Germany, Canada, France, Australia, and more. Help us hit more continents!

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Made in the Pacific Northwest

We live and work in the Seattle area, in beautiful Western Washington.

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